I love my work and am grateful for the daily opportunity to mirror positivity, self acceptance, and forward movement in my clients’ healing process.  I bring presence and light-heartedness into my sessions of focused and compassionate bodywork. My goal is to empower clients toward improved self awareness and self-care. I see bodywork as a powerful preventative medicine and an accessible and affordable way to treat what most commonly ails us.

I graduated from Portland’s East West College of the Healing Arts in 2011 with a focus on Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Thai Massage. I have since worked for two years in a chiropractic clinic, for a pain-research study funded by the American Massage Therapy Association, and now offer a private practice in NE Portland.

I am grateful for the integrity of instruction from my initial teachers who inspired me to thoroughly listen to and assess each client based on their posture, life habits, and details of their chronic pains.

This influenced me to dive into therapeutic injury-relief work. Offering mostly table sessions my first two years in practice, I found the Thai massages I gave provided longer-lasting pain relief for my clients, as well as a more fulfilling treatment experience.

Once I realized that Thai Massage could provide me with the knowledge and lens through which to offer more holistic treatments, I delved deeper in my study through an Apprenticeship with the Naga Center and while traveling in Thailand.  I am so grateful to have found such a strong and supportive learning community.

In my free time I am most likely backpacking, playing in the garden beds or out on my bicycle. I am continuously on a path of increased self knowledge and self-love in order to be the best I can be for those around me.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!


Continuing Education

Thai Massage and Traditional Medicine:

  • Baan Jai Center for Thai Massage: Introductory Thai Massage

  • Baan Jai Center for Thai Massage: Advanced Thai Bodywork

  • The Naga Center: Deep Thai Massage

  • Baan Jai Center for Thai Massage: Herbal Compresses

  • Baan Hom Sumanprai: Therapeutic Thai Massage, Thailand

  • The Naga Center: Independent Study with Nephyr Jacobson, Thailand

  • The Naga Center: Foundations

  • The Naga Center: Applied Theory

  • The Naga Center: Thai Therapeutics

  • The Naga Center: 2013 Apprenticeship

  • The Naga Center: 9-week Theory Course

  • The Naga Center: Lanna Specialties

  • David Well, Reusi Da Ton (Thai Yoga)

  • The Naga Center & Jim Madras: Thai Cupping

  • The Naga Center: Yoo Fai, Thai Post-Partem Care

Buddhist Medicine:

  • 32hr small group study, October 2013

  • 32hr small group study, March 2014

Other Continuing Education:

  • Oregon School of Massage: The Mind-Body Connection in Treating Stress and Trauma

  • M.E.T.A:  Hakomi Introduction for Bodyworkers

  • Advanced Mayofascial work on Foot, Ankle and Knee

  • Business Coaching training with Lunaria Financial

Other Recent Experience

  • Volunteer, Returning Veterans Project

  • Path with Heart, community sliding scale clinics

  • Volunteer Financial Coach, Innovative Changes


What clients say

“Emily is a one woman powerhouse of strength, technique and intuition! She has resolved pain for me that no other practitioner I tried was able to. She is continuously improving her skills and knowledge to serve her clients and it shows.”

-Amanda J.

“Having suffered from a chronic injury for several years, I have had much more bodywork than the average person. Emily Gowen is one of the finest massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by. She combines a natural human compassion with years of experience and training to provide an amazing holistic experience. One of her greatest attributes is the unteachable art of intuition. Emily seems to always know what I need and where I need it. She is also an excellent communicator and helps me feel free to tell her what I want and need. I would recommend her to anyone!

-Noah B.

“Emily is an intuitive healer. Sometimes my body actually craves her massages. She is thoughtfully dedicated to healing all patient’s aliments, beyond the mere physical wounds and stresses we all carry. She goes beyond the norm of massage therapy as she is a beacon of health and reflects back to me my true nature. She holds space for all ways of life and never judgment. She is dedicated to her craft and I support her whole heartedly.”

-Jocela M.

“Great focused, effective strength. Highly recommended.”


“After trying many good massage therapist, Emily is one of the very Best! I would give her an A+”

-Valerie A.

“Emily is thoughtful and communicates well, first assessing each person’s body and then applying her understanding of the body to her practice. She rocks!”

-David E.