My sessions are performed in the style of Traditional Thai Massage, with the client fully clothed on a heated mat on the floor. Occasionally I will ask if you are comfortable removing clothing when it is indicated in order to massage with oils, or to use cupping or scraping therapies. *You can let me know if you are specifically interested in any of these aspects of treatment when you come in for your session.

All sessions will be designed to meet your specific needs and may include components of:

Deep tissue massage

Thai massage is incredible in its ability to go deep into the body in a safe, effective, and efficient way for both the client and therapist. Therapists often use their hands, elbows, knees and feet for compression. I also massage directly into the tissue with medicinal balms and liniments when needed.

Passive stretching and myofascial release

The goal of Thai massage is to free movement in our bodies, and this results in warming, melting, and freeing fascia (also known as connective tissue) where it is stuck -- thereby enhancing our physiological processes and bringing balance to our structure. I learn more about where clients are holding tension when working on a mat, as I can gently move the body through its full range of motion. Passive stretches are also an incredible way to gently release and unwind bound tissue.

Soothing hot herbal compresses

These herbal balls are steamed before use, allowing the herbs inside to penetrate and open your tissue. They are incredibly relaxing and effective for relieving pain. These are used often during sessions and at no extra charge. They are very effective in prenatal treatments and for clients with fibromyalgia.

Fire cupping and scraping therapies

These therapies are often used to release stagnation in tissue, to fend off a beginning cold, or in regular maintenance care for those who spend most of their lives at a computer. They require working directly on skin and so I will always ask you before using them during a session.

Sports Massage

I enjoy treatment planning for athletes who want to maintain their ability to perform while staying mobile, hydrated, and flexible. I also offer pre and post-event treatments. Massage is a great way to nurture and prevent the aches, pains, and tweaks that arise when our bodies sustain significant activity.

Abdominal massage

Clients seek abdominal massage for a variety of reasons, including digestive, muscular, or emotional. Thai massage systematically works with the layers of the abdomen and organ points to encourage movement and function. This can easily be incorporated into a session of any length.

Nurturing full body massage

Thai massage is an incredible way to relax, be nurtured, and let your body gently unwind and open with the rhythmic compressions and stretches of a Thai massage. I recommend 90-minute or 120-minute sessions for this so attention can be given to your entire body.

I also bill insurance for Auto/Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims with a referral from your doctor.